How and where should I store prescription painkillers?


Keeping your prescription painkillers secure and out of sight can prevent them from falling into the hands of someone who wants to abuse them. It can also prevent someone in your house from accidentally taking the wrong medication. And when there are children and teens in the house, it’s best to keep them out of sight and out of reach.


Storing your prescription painkillers and other medications in a lockbox, safe, or locked medicine cabinet is one of the most effective ways to prevent abuse or accidental use. Many companies offer lockable medication storage options.


Unused medications are a disaster waiting to be found. That’s why it’s vital to safely dispose of unneeded and expired prescriptions. Go to Take Back [link to Take Back tab] find a disposal options.

Ways to Keep Medications Safe

  • Store at room temperature unless otherwise directed.
  • Don't check drugs when flying. Put them in your carry-on luggage.
  • Don't put drugs in the trunk when driving. Keep them in the car when driving and take them with you when you park.
  • Choose overnight shipping for mail-order drugs. If you work, have the medication shipped to your office. An FDA study from 1995 found that the interior temperature of a black mailbox can reach as high as 136 degrees when the ambient air temperature was 101 degrees.
  • Take special care to when storing insulins and other injectables because they are supposed to be refrigerated. These medicines are especially vulnerable to extreme temperatures.
  • If you see a change in color or texture, do not consume.


If you have any doubts about the Medication you're taking, please consult your pharmacist!